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Thursday, 07 September 2006 17:42

Spammers are starting to use pump-and-dump techniques to inflate the value of a company's stock by spreading false "insider information", according to experts at Sophos Labs. Animated GIFs are also used to produce subliminal messages in an attempt to motivate potential victims to buy into the scam.

Sending images instead of text also makes it difficult for SPAM filters to identify spam although some advanced systems use Optical Character Recognition to decypher these kind of messages. In 2006, spammers attempts to use images to bypass spam filters has increased from 18.2% in Jan to 35% today.

The subliminal messages flashes for a fraction of a second every 15 seconds or so, trying to dupe potential victims into buying stock, however, the effects remain questionable. Its more likely to annoy than encourage the reader to buy.

While it is possible to filter most spam using spam filters, we have found that graylisting still works best and kills almost 99% of spam going through our servers. It is a cheap and extremely effective solution.

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